Friday, February 8, 2008

Want to cut down on that monthly bill? Just ask!

I've read about people being able to get promotional rates on their cable and internet service by quoting competitor pricing or saying that they would be switching providers. I decided to try this out for myself yesterday. I live with two roommates, so despite the fact that we have internet and cable with HBO, the expense isn't that high. Still, it comes out to about $47 per person per month. It would be nice to reduce that if possible, if only temporarily. Once The Wire ends I think I will make the case to my roommates to drop the HBO.

At any rate, I spoke with a couple people at Comcast and was able to get $10/mo. off for the next 3 mos. as a courtesy for being a good customer. Not the $19.99 internet promotional rate I was hoping for, but less is less.

Next time around I think I will play hardball a bit more, maybe quote another provider or something. But it does work!


Anonymous said...

NICE JOB! It ALWAYS makes sense to ask for price breaks and reductions. You should do the same with your cell phone company. Threaten to switch to another provider if they don't budge. The same applies for credit card interest rates. Never be afraid to play hardball!!

R.W. Buffett

The Impecunious Investor said...

Yeah, it's something I've never really done, but it doesn't hurt to try to negotiate anything.