Friday, February 8, 2008


I discovered this Rentometer site by way of The World of Wealth. It's a cool little tool - just plug in your location and rent and it shows how your rent compares to others in the area. Quick way to see if your landlord is screwing you! Of course this doesn't take into account a number of variables that would affect price, but as a baseline tool it's pretty good.

And looks like I'm currently getting a great deal on my rent, which makes me happy (and reinforces what I already thought)!


Andy said...

Great tool...I too am paying less rent for the area. However, now way to verify this.

I like your blog as well - I have started a new pf blog as well so will be adding yours to my reading list

The Impecunious Investor said...

Hi Andy - thanks for stopping by! I will return the favor and check out your blog.