Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in Action

I think I may have lost my 4 readers, but hi again folks!

I've been very busy with my other personal blog and I've been neglecting this one, although I've also been voraciously consuming financial and investing news and information over the last few months. I've discovered some excellent resources. I've thought a lot about this blog as well - what exactly do I want it to be? I think moving forward, while I will still track my finances as a measure of public accountability and because I like cool graphs, I think I will be concentrating more on investing and financial/economic news than personal finance. Over the past year and change I've learned a great deal, but I have the basics of my financial foundation down. Now my primary focus is to make my money work hard for me. I'll be talking about my experiences and what I learn along the way - and hopefully get some help from others once I get a few more eyeballs over here.

I'm still unemployed - my company closed back in January. So my immediate goal right now is to find new employment. So far things are ok, however, as my emergency fund, cutting way back on expenses, and the unemployment benefits have worked out well. Family and friends have offered to help but, while I certainly appreciate it, I'm glad I don't have to rely on them anymore.

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Louise | UPrinting.com said...

I hope you were able to find a new job already. :)
How about updating more often. That way your 4 readers may increase three or even five-fold!