Thursday, July 17, 2008


That's what I deposited in change at Citizens Bank yesterday (handled by an extremely cute teller I might add).

Ridiculous? A waste of time? Many might say so. But I took a look at that change sitting there and had the itch to get it deposited and then moved to my ING Emergency Fund to start earning interest. I'm eager to rebuild my fund, depleted from contributing to my IRA for 2007. A tiny amount, but a little here and a little there and soon enough I'll be back up to $1,000 in the fund. It's also about the psychology of the action more than the action itself. Building on that saving mentality.

It's been over six months since I last rolled up my spare change and I was curious as to how much I had accumulated (as it turns out I was just a few dimes and nickels away from another roll of each!). I don't make too many cash transactions so it takes a while for me to accumulate much in the way of change. I spend all my quarters on laundry, so that cuts out a huge contributor. Every six months is probably a good target for regular coin rolling.

A few bucks is better working for me than just sitting in my coin jar, right?

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