Friday, May 16, 2008

Snowflaking Through Sobriety

One of the biggest money drains for me is in the area of what I call casual booze. You know, buying a six-pack of good beer to drink while watching the ballgame or a $10 bottle of wine to have with dinner on a random weekday evening. While I definitely enjoy this and still do it, I have cut back quite a bit from my spending in months past. However, it's still difficult to fight that urge sometimes. Yesterday after work all I wanted to do was kick back and watch some TV with a few beers, but I decided to forgo stopping at the local grocery store and save my money instead (a decent six-pack is about $9.30). So what did I do when I got home?

To reward myself I put the $10 I would have spent right into my IRA. A tiny contribution to be sure, but everything counts. More importantly, it made me feel a lot better psychologically about making the right decision. I plan on trying to use more tricks like this in the future.

Anyone out there have any similar tricks to save money by "rewarding" yourself with savings?

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