Friday, May 9, 2008

April 2008 Financial Report: Slipping a Bit

April was another increase in my net worth, but this is somewhat misleading. The reality is my spending got a bit out of control, and while I was able to add to my assets, a significant portion of that was money that is to be used for my trip in June. It's good that I have this money to help with my Travel Fund, but on the whole I'm kind of annoyed with myself. I would have liked to put more $ into my savings and retirement.

Debts increased slightly, but this is also somewhat misleading. I included the balance on my new credit card (using it for utilities for now to build my credit rating back up) that gets paid off in full every month, but the cycle ends on the 23rd of the month so there will be some carryover. So still on track, and I actually reduced some of a small personal debt.

Not a great month, but still a net increase. I need to focus this month to log another strong month of saving.

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