Sunday, April 6, 2008

March 2008 Financial Report: Minor Hurdles But Keeping Pace

Third good month in a row for me! I was able to increase my assets by 45.95%. You can see that my cash reserves took a big hit because I transferred $1,000 from my Emergency Fund into my Roth IRA to help boost my contribution for 2007. I'm very pleased with this, and I should be able to stick even more in before the 4/15 deadline.

Standard debt reduction rate for my loan and credit card. However, I added more debt in the Other category by way of a tax payment hit. An unfortuate but necessary liability. An increase in my total debt but I was still able to manage a small increase (0.44%) in my net worth for the month.

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Roman said...

great job, keep up the good work. Dont like the bumps in the road stop you.