Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trip to Europe in June

Last night I purchased a round-trip ticket for my trip to Ireland in June. I already have the time off from work - it's a certainty now! I have some money put aside already, but I need to conscientiously save from here until June so I can have a comfortable, enjoyable vacation. My tickets, housing, and most of my food will be paid for by a very generous aunt of mine, so the bulk of my expense will be during the week after Ireland, in which I hop over to England for a week to visit a friend. Travel to and from England and all my expenses over there will be mine, but again this should mainly be cheap airfare and food. Zero-to-minimal (if we travel together at all) housing costs, and I will try to minimize any major expenses. It's expensive over there, so I will need a decent chunk of change, but it shouldn't be tough to build up enough to cover planned and incidental expenses.

Europe on the cheap - the way to do it for an Impecunious Investor!

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