Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February Snowflaking

February was a great month for me in terms of snowflaking. Here's a breakdown of my snowflakes for the month:
  • Two ING Direct referrals earned me $20 (email me at for a referral)
  • My Keep the Change program resulted in a whopping $51.60
  • I earned $25 from opening an account up at Revolution Money Exchange (email me at for a referral)
  • Because of good budgeting I had an extra $220 at the end of the month, of which $100 went to my IRA and the remaining $120 to fully funding my Emergency Fund and general cash savings
I was also fortunate enough to join the new Snowflake Revolution along with other personal finance bloggers and snowflakers! Please check out the other members via that link or the list on the sidebar. This will be a great opportunity to share stories and techniques for snowflaking, which is a great strategy for reducing debt or contributing to saving/investing goals.


Jennifer said...

Great job! I like your blog. I'm impressed that you were able to track all of your spending for the month. I am on my third attempt at tracking - it is so hard for me! Isn't snowflaking great? Looking forward to watching your progress. :)

The Impecunious Investor said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks for reading! I will have to return the favor.

Snowflaking is great - it's a nice tactic to help with debts or saving goals.

It's a bit difficult at first, but once you get into the habit of doing it it becomes much easier, and I find that it's much more difficult to spend money now!