Friday, March 7, 2008

$25 Bonus - Revolution Money Exchange

Last week I opened an account with Revolution Money Exchange through a referral and got a $25 bonus just for opening my account. I withdrew the money as soon as it was available (about 2-3 days after bank account verification). That's $25 in absolutely free money! The service looks cool (similar to PayPal) but it's a no-brainer to get a referral from me and earn a free $25. Email me at for a referral. I would be happy to help you and me out (I get $10 per referral). Remember that you don't get the bonus unless I refer you.


Jennifer said...

Is this still going on? I had thought the promotion was ending in February. If not, I'd be willing to sign up.

The Impecunious Investor said...

Oops - you're right Jennifer. I was looking into their referral option more closely and it looks like it's only a bonus for me now...too bad! Sorry about that.

The Impecunious Investor said...

Hm, upon further review it looks like they are offering a $25 bonus to sign up. Email me if you'd like a referral!