Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Neverending [NSTAR] Story

Another installment:

The good: NSTAR finally (after two weeks) wired the overpayment back into my bank account.

The bad: There is a $13 service charge on my checking account to cover the wire transfer. This strikes me as ridiculous on Citizens Bank's part, but I can't blame the charge itself, rather the initiator of it.

The ugly: According to the last voicemail I received from the fourth NSTAR service rep I've spoken to in the last two weeks, they are still under the misapprehension that a) I decided for the fun of it to make the exact same payment to NSTAR that I had made a week earlier, b) it's reasonable to overcharge by almost $450 a balance that is at zero (!), and c) they aren't at fault.

You can bet your next utility payment that I'm going after my $13 plus credit on this horrendous NSTAR snafu.

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