Sunday, February 24, 2008

$100 from TD Ameritrade!

I just signed up for this great offer. Suze Orman has a deal with TD Ameritrade: If you open up an account with them before March 31 using the code on that page and set up an automatic deposit of at least $50/month for 12 months, they will give you $100 within 4 weeks of the final deposit! No need to get involved with the actual trading aspects of TD Ameritrade, either. Your cash is put into a money market deposit account which earns 2.78% APY. That isn't the best rate out there, but still decent, and it's impossible to beat the return on that total $600 invested over 12 months. (It works out to about 32% compound interest at $50/mo.) This one's a no-brainer; everyone should be able to spare $50/mo. And after a year you'll have $700 that you can withdraw and put toward whatever you like. Click here to check it out!

For me this is a great way to lock in another $50/mo. toward my target asset goal for 2008. It will be easy for me to "forget" about this extra cash until the time comes to withdraw, and then I'll have a nice chunk to put toward my savings goals, IRA or whatever.

I found out about this over at My Money Blog, which has a lot of great tips on making extra cash, bank rates, rewards credit cards, and more.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Nothing like free money, and you certainly can't argue with a 32% annualized return. You're not going to find a better ROI with 0 downside risk anywhere. Nice job!