Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Financial Goals

I've come up with a list of specific financial goals for myself for 2008, several of which I have already accomplished:
  1. Open a high-yield online savings account
  2. Open a high-yield online checking account
  3. Set up direct deposit into new online checking account
  4. Save at least $100/month in cash savings accounts
  5. Pay outstanding cable/internet bill down to $0
  6. Pay outstanding electric bill down to $0
  7. Never be late on a payment
  8. Set up optimal payment schedule for student loan
  9. Establish monthly budget
  10. Spend less & save more in general
  11. Open a Roth IRA
  12. Contribute at least $200/month to Roth IRA
  13. Open an all-purpose savings account
  14. Begin paying back debt to friends & family
  15. Calculate net worth
  16. Open new credit card account to raise score
  17. Continue to monitor and increase credit rating
  18. Establish Emergency Fund of at least $1000
  19. Increase assets from $0 to $4400 (stretch goal: $5500)
  20. Increase net worth by minimum of 24.8% (stretch goal: 29.0%)

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